Wilderzone.org Forums Are Up! – Including a Forum Dedicated to Physics and Balance!

The glorious day is upon us!

The Wilderzone.org forums will be dedicated to have a well moderated discussion on all topics concerning Tribes: Ascend. Everyone is welcome to join in and post ideas and topics as long as argumentation is well structured.
Our goal is to create and environment of high quality feedback that can be given to HiRez developers. One can dream that we might even find compromises for long standing debates in the community. The forums will act as a filter, allowing the Active Community to work out issues before we recommend anything to Hirez.

A big highlight is the Physics Discussion subforum. A forum dedicated solely to find a suitable compromise among all available options. This forum will be heavily moderated, only serious discussion on the subject will be allowed. For anyone fooling around with settings there is the ‘Requests & Ideas‘ forum.
This doesn’t mean that the discussion is limited to competition or high level players. All suggestions are welcome as long as they are well structured!
As stated by HiRezAPC Wilderzone.org is part of the HiRez physics program. Which means that when the community has reached a compromise or agreement on a certain physics template it can be considered by HiRez for implementation as a custom server preset. This is our chance to prove that we can find something worthwhile!

The rest of the forum has room for all possible subjects. The goal here is to filter community feedback into a global compromise so we can present HiRez with solutions and changes that are agreed upon by a large part of the community after a long and well structured debate.

The forum looks a bit barebones right now, so feedback on improving it is always welcome. I wanted to get this out asap so we can be ready to funnel all the recent patch feedback!

So register to the forums and help us save Tribes!

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